San Sebastian Cider House Tour

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One Person 8+ years old
Two People 8+ years old
Three People 8+ years old
Four People 8+ years old
Five People 8+ years old
Six People 8+ years old
Seven or more People 8+ years old

Take a cider tour in San Sebastian

Discover the Basque Country’s cider culture at a traditional cider house on this half-day San Sebastian cider house tour. Explore apple orchards, learn about how cider is produced, and drink unlimited cider during your visit. A typical Basque lunch with cod and roasted meat plus round-trip transportation are included in the tour.

Cider (named sagardo in Basque language, which means apple wine) is one of the most traditional and everlasting Basque drinks. The magic that involves its production (made in traditional Basque homesteads for centuries) can still be found in cider houses (sagardotegis, in Basque language) where, apart from tasting the most traditional cider house menu, a guided tour of the apple tree area can be scheduled with Donostyle, unveiling every secret of this drink’s production.

Free-flowing cider is included! We also visit Hernani, where the cider culture is displayed at its best and cider references can be found in every corner. Transport back to the meeting point is included in this activity.


  • Departure from San Sebastian
  • Cider house visit and tasting
  • Lunch or dinner at a traditional cider house
  • Hernani village guided visit
  • Return to San Sebastian