Txakoli Wine Tour in Getaria

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One person 8+ years old
Two people 8+ years old
Three people 8+ years old
Four people 8+ years old
Five people 8+ years old
Six people 8+ years old
Seven or more people 8+ years old

Discover the secrets of Txakoli, the Basque white wine

Txakoli is a white wine made from local green grapes that have been produced in the Basque Country since long before the 16th century. The land surrounding the coastal town of Getaria provides its name to the denomination of origin “Txakoli from Getaria,” the best and most exclusive.

Get to know fishing towns of Getaria and Zarautz with Donostyle, and discover every secret of this characteristic wine in a Txakolindegi (txakoli house, in the Basque language) along with local food that comprises typical products from the Cantabrian sea. Live a unique experience with us!

Children (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult. Under 8 years old free assistance (accompanied by a booking).